HeartHub Inc. (A division of Timeless Solutions, LLC)

              “Connecting Conversations, Igniting Global Transformation.”

HeartHub Mission: Transformative Education for a Thriving Planet

We exist, to evolve educational paradigms, by providing the world’s premier Social-Learning Network, built on a uniquely customizable platform, offering a host of entertaining multi-media, available to everyone, everywhere.

HeartHub Vision: Imagine a Virtual Playground for Self-Mastery.

HeartHub was created out of our burning desire to generate a versatile educational solution; one that advances the path of balanced life discovery, in accordance with individually unique learning requirements. We are passionate about designing a dynamic digital platform to inspire a (r)evolution of humankind’s remembrance of the joy and importance of active lifelong learning. We believe all students and educators deserve the ability to intuitively connect, with personally relevant information, along with learning groups, peers and mentors, while navigating the diverse span of educational modalities and offerings around the world.

HeartHub links a global network of educational models, centers, communities, teachers and students, in a centralized learning matrix, our Social Learning Network. We also produce a wide variety of unique (in-house) HD "edutainment" content, shared in diverse multi-media formats. Our platform is designed to serve a global community of educators and students of all ages, while integrating leading educational content, designed to be both informative and entertaining, that develops our mind, our body and our planetary awareness. Focusing on experiential research and global collaboration, HeartHub will provide a powerful Social Learning Network, connecting models of Lifelong Education, Sustainable Community, Holistic Health and Conscious Commerce.


                     - The HeartHub Team

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