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The HeartHub Platform is being built to integrate hundreds of independent institutions, organizations, along with thousands of individual teachers, into a unified hub; a platform providing lifelong, student-centric learning solutions. This hub simultaneously serves as a virtual community, linking together intentional Eco-communities around the world. Embedded in this system are "new paradigm" business opportunities, products and services. 

Thanks to our enormous media reach we are able to get sponsored and wholesale products/technologies in exchange for advertising space, media coverage and creation of marketing materials shared with multi-million person audience. Our network has existing relationship with a host of companies displaying new paradigms of economic development.  We also have an enormous media reach in aligned and receptive marketplaces.

Companies seeking to showcase their alignment with the LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) and Cultural Creatives marketplace are allowed the opportunity to sponsor the incubator with funds and products.  These companies must meet our values and focus on providing authentically sustainable, health transforming, and lifestyle enriching goods to the world.  We honor companies with integrity who are committed to a thriving human experience and understand the importance of gifting back to people and planet, beyond the bottom-line 1% model, as a key value proposition to conducing business in today’s rapidly shifting world.

The images on this page are companies we are deeply excited to connect with and yet are not in active conversations about sponsorships at this time.