Educator profiles allow independent teachers and mentors to reach students and offer their services and courses in a customized profile.  This profile within the platform offers existing wisdom facilitators, both accredited and non-accredited (in-house verified) experts, the ability to generate personal abundance while connecting with a global student base.  Options for instructors to activate courses based on class size and availability provides an intuitive way for classes to commence based on collective desire. 

HeartHub allows both students and educators to co-create learning groups based on authentic alignment.  This dynamic ecosystem allows for greater assimilation and socialization around disparate educational subjects; in the process it tracks self-generated curriculums to expand our individual and collective life awareness far beyond conventional learning paths.

The Virtual Classroom feature, including the ability for individuals and teachers to self-organize their own “My Classroom” groups, is one of the significant features of HeartHub Social Learning Platform. It is an e-learning solution that enables effective online education and training, for people of all ages, in resonant mentor and peer groups, adding value to the learning experience and making it a far more engaging, enriching, expanded and student-centric learning environment.

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