Recommended suggestions for Courses Based on your Interests.

Easy to Use Customized Search & Data Filters.

HeartHub students will be presented with various classes and offerings in a recommendations section of their profile and upon completion of various courses.  These recommendations are based on the past and current educational choices along with educational profile settings chosen by the student.  This feature allows Learning Arcs to bring individuals from normal areas of development into new educational horizons, allowing for greater life success, through diversity of learning opportunities.

HeartHub allows for students to receive recommended content and courses based on past interests and searches, this provides a more targeted experience and ensures the content from more relative educators can be reached.  An intuitive navigation menu, and multi-hierarchical search bar, allows for easy surfing of our educational ecosystem through diverse options such as: price or age range, location, format type, subject type, class and specific educator.  Students will always be able to find current, completed, favorite and recommended classes through the “My Universe” tab.

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